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Holsworthy Market Town

An old and ancient market town. Although more of a village size than a town Holsworthy has plenty of shops, pubs, restaurants and a eating places.  There is a leisure centre having an  indoor heated   swimming pool.  The huge Stanhope Park has childrens swings, climbing frames etc.  Every wednesday Holsworthy has an open air pannier market in the town square.  Holsworthy is of course best known for its famous Pretty Maid ceremony when every  july  a fair is held and a deserving church going maiden of the town is declared the 'pretty maid' with a big ceremony in the town and a 'furry dance' finishing at the town's park.  There is a museum, worth a visit and only a nominal entrance fee,  interesting exhibits, mostly donated by local people and wonderfully describing the traditions and history of the town.  See this writer's mother in a 1930's photo of the group May Day early morning walk to bathe ones faces in the dew of the local hedgerows!-a local traditional that  died out in the 1930's but at the time attracted a large number of the townsfolk!
Town square holsworthy town square The town museum
Holsworthy Holsworthy Square & Pannier Market Holsworthy Museum
Church One of the towns pubs holsworthy park
Holsworthy  church One of the pubs Holsworthy Car Park

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